Saturday, April 24, 2010

I love gaming

I am a gaming freak. I usually tend to go for MMOs. (Wiki should be taken with a grain of salt, but for gaming, it is pretty good, have to say, so I'll be using it for my info linking). My latest MMO adventures have been in Lord of the Rings Online, which I started playing during closed beta. This was over two years ago. I am a bit "burned out" at the moment with MMO gaming though, so I had been keeping myself occupied with little games in Facebook, namely Farmville. I haven't been playing more games in Facebook because, to make the story short, I managed to get nasty worms in my PC's hard drive via a Facebook game. The second time around, I simply decided to reformat the hard drive.

Looking for alternatives, as I am now a bit burnt out with Farmville too due to the constant grinding (or grindfest), I stumbled upon some romance related games online. I had read about them last year, when the new game based on Marjorie Liu's Tiger Eye was announced and went on pre-release sale. I admit it, I got intrigued and bought it. However, it doesn't come out until April 28. 2010.

Today, looking around for alternatives, I went to BigFish Games and found a puzzle game titled Love and Death: Bitten. Though the ending was lame imho, and I finished it in a few hours, I have to say that it kept me quite engrossed for a while. Looking for other alternatives I found two other games that are actually romance related. One is based on a novel by Nora Roberts titled Visions in White and the other is based on a Harlequin Presents novel titled Hidden Object of Desire.

I admit that I am intrigued. Though there was room for improvement in Love and Death: Bitten in terms of storyline and ending. I found it hooked me and kept me nicely entertained for a few hours. Depending on how the experience goes with the above ones (yes, I did get them as well, but only after I finished Love and Death), I think I may declare myself a convert. These games could be a nice alternative to take short breaks from my MMO hardcore gamer tendencies.