Saturday, May 1, 2010

A Beltane erotic short story

by Heather Nestorick

Wednesday woke up before Vicrum, excitement coursing through her. It was Beltane, the day of spirituality and sexuality. Vicrum was still sleeping and she pressed a kiss to his shoulder before slipping from the bed. She pulled on a short white nighty but didn’t bother with panties, since Beltane was a celebration of passion. Wednesday began collecting her supplies for the ritual, several bundles of herbs that she would burn during the ritual and a silver cord holding two silver rings. The cord and rings had been her mothers and now she used it in every ritual she performed. She also went to the patio and grabbed a small planted fig tree, which she carried to the bed room and placed on the nightstand near Vicum. She also placed four candles around the bed, one for north, south, east and west.

As Wednesday moved around her apartment she opened all the windows, allowing moonlight and night air to fill the space.

Wednesday walked back into the kitchen and pulled the honey from the cabinet. She grabbed a small silver pitcher and filled it with milk. Wednesday carried all of the supplies into the bedroom and sat them out near the bed.

Looking around, she smiled; everything was perfect. She lit the candles she had set around in a clockwise motion, placing two packets of herbs among the candles; one at due north and the other at due south. Sniffing the last one, letting the Hawthorne, honeysuckle and St. Johnswort, fill her senses; before placing it down. All the supplies could be reached from the bed.

Throwing back the sheet, Wednesday took in Vicrum’s strong body bathed in moonlight and smiled again. She hoped he would enjoy the ritual. Wednesday climbed on the bed and straddled his body.

Wednesday relaxed her body around his and began to meditate about the meaning of the day, how important this ritual would be to their bond and ultimately their relationship.

With her arms raised toward the moon, Wednesday began to speak softly creating a circle dedicated to the Goddess.

“By the strength of the witch’s honor
Conjure the magic circle
Feminine steel, a powerful boon
I am safe within the Goddess’ womb.
A sacred space a world apart
Where enchantment births and magic starts
With air and fire, water and earth
I circle round the mother’s girth
The legions of life await my word.
The circle is cast.”

Reaching out Wednesday placed the cord containing the rings on a branch of the fig tree and softly said.

“From your mating shall spring forth life a new.
A profusion of living creatures shall cover the land
And the winds will blow pure and sweet.
O ancient ones, I celebrate with you.”

Wednesday picked up the lighter and lit the bundle of herbs sitting at the northern point of the circle. Then she picked up the milk she began to slowly spill it over her breasts while saying in hushed tones

“Oh Mother Goddess, Queen of the night and of the earth
I celebrate your union as nature rejoices in
A riotous blaze of color and life.
Accept my gift, mother goddess
In honor of your union.”

The milk soaked the front of her tiny nighty and dripped onto Vicrum’s chest and his eyes opened lazily looking at her. Without using words he asked what she was doing. “It’s Beltane.” She replied softly. “The Pagan celebration of spirituality and sex.” Vicrum nodded and wrapped his hands around her ass, pulling her body against him. “Would you like to watch?” she asked him softly. He nodded as his eyes moved over her face and body.

Placing the milk on the floor and she lit the bundle of herbs sitting at the southern point of the circle. She glanced at Vicrum and he looked intrigued. Wednesday reached down and pulled the nighty off exposing her body to him and then she grabbed the honey and let it slowly drip over her breasts while saying

“Oh Father God, King of the day and of the Forests,
I celebrate your union as nature rejoices in
A riotous blaze of color and life.
Accept my gift, mother goddess
In honor of your union.”

Wednesday placed the honey on the floor and put out the burning bundles of herbs and then the candles, this time in a counter clock wise motion. Raising her arms toward the sky once more, she said softly.

“Farewell, Mother Goddess
I give thanks for your presence here.
Go in power.”

It was obvious Vicrum had liked the ritual; his approval was running through their minds as his cock throbbed against her thigh. Wednesday watched Vicrum as he reached up and used a finger tip to swipe some honey from her left nipple, sucking it off his finger. The look on his face and the sound he made as he sucked caused her cunt to throb and drip juices onto him. Wednesday crushed herself against him not worried about the mess she was making of both of them and her lips sought his which he gave them willingly.


Beltane is the ancient Celtic holiday of the 1st of May, or Mayday that we still celebrate in many forms today throughout the British Isles. The word 'Beltane' it is thought, may be derived from the old solar god Belenos and the Beltane holiday is derived from his name, being the celebration of his return to our spring skies. Belenos could be compared to Apollo and has through the centuries been humanised and turned by writers and historians into Kings such as King Bellin who was said to have built a fort beside the Thames, according to Geoffrey of Monmouth. So with this Beltane love spell you would be invoking Belenos power by casting on his day. This love spell is perfect for those who wish to see renewal or blossoming of the love in their relationship.

On Beltane, light a candle outside (use a storm lantern in it is windy). Your candle represents Belenos, the sun, and then as you look into the candle flame, chant:

'On this Beltane day, now it is the first of May,
Belenos you have returned and now all reborn will be,
May my lover's love for me, alos be reborn as are the leaves of the tree,
May my lover love me more so that (insert their name) their heart for me does soar, May our love be twice born, on this perfect Beltane morn,
An it harm none, so mote it be.'

Now visualise your relationship being renewed and strengthened, your love for each other overflowing. Your Beltane Love Spell is cast!


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