Wednesday, June 16, 2010

In search of...

... new software to put together the newsletter. We've been using FrontPage for ages. None of us is knowledgeable in writing code, so that means we do have to use software. However, FrontPage is obsolete now and Expression Studio has taken it's place. This time around I want to learn how to put together an issue of the newsletter too. We only have the copyeditor, Heather, who knows how to put the newsletter together. As backup we use our Promo manager, Aggie.

I downloaded the trial version of Expression Studio, which will give me 60 days to fumble with it. I just hope I can figure it out, to at least be able to put together a newsletter. I'll post back on the results.



Selena Blake said...

My newsletter is currently run through here: It does everything, so probably not what you're looking for since you use yahoogroups.